13 days until Africa!

… until I leave for Africa anyway, then one whole day of travel before I get there! Can’t believe I’m actually going!  Still seems surreal.  Things are better since my last post.  I know I sounded kinda down, but it passed.  Guess if any of you prayed, it worked!  that and changing my focus toContinue reading “13 days until Africa!”

If things are good…

…then why do I feel down? I think I get like this when I’ve got too much going on.  Things are going well, but if there’s too many things, it stretches me thin.  Too bad not literally! 😉 Blah!  Need to shake this yucky-ness off.  Or is it that I’ve managed to let my focusContinue reading “If things are good…”

Mid-Sept 2013

Things are still pretty good.  Been feeling more tingling in my left hand/arm than I have in a while, might be stress related.  Stress and MS do not mix well. Why am I stressed?  Probably because I’ve only got 3 1/2 weeks until I go on the trip of a lifetime.  And said trip wentContinue reading “Mid-Sept 2013”

Things are good!

Things are going well these day!  The depression is almost non-existent 🙂  The MS is still in remission, with only a few lingering symptoms (some muscle stiffness and a little tingling in my left arm).  I’m officially licensed as a minister through the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel!  I can officially perform weddings andContinue reading “Things are good!”