What else is going on? #art #english #school #ms #B90

So much else has been going on besides the Advocare 24-day challenge (which is going really well!  I have SO much more energy, it’s scary!)   Anyway, I  thought I should take a moment and update y’all on other stuff 🙂 Art – I attended an art conference this past weekend that was very inspiring. Continue reading “What else is going on? #art #english #school #ms #B90”

Mid June 2014

Started my Oral Communications 101 class last night.  So far it doesn’t seem too scary. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a truly secular environment, and I was last night.  One of the optional prompt questions in the get-to-know-you part was what one question would you ask God?  I didn’t ask and wasn’tContinue reading “Mid June 2014”

Beginning of June 2014

Hard to believe it’s June already, but don’t we say something like that every month?  Time does seem to be flying by. BIG NEWS!!!  My brother got engaged!!  He’s been with the girl for 15 years!  So happy for them.  Not sure when the wedding will be though, but I am in it.  I’ll beContinue reading “Beginning of June 2014”

mid May 2014 #goingbacktocollege #LUO

My last entry was a bit heavy (no apology, just stating the fact!), hopefully this one will be a little lighter! Received my acceptance email from Liberty University Online yesterday morning!!  Also, they transferred 51 credits from when I went to community college 17 years ago!  I am now considered a Junior in college!!  Whoohoo! Continue reading “mid May 2014 #goingbacktocollege #LUO”