Month of Thanksgiving – Days 21-25

21 -thankful for my job 22 – thankful for dinner out with a friend to catch up 23 -thankful for another Saturday with nothing to do! 24 -thankful for the story of Ruth in the bible, gave me courage 25 – thankful for friends who remind me not to over-think things

Month of Thanksgiving – days 15-18

15 – thankful for the singles’ group at church 16 – thankful for Saturdays with nothing to do 17 – thankful for the seniors in the Seniors’ Ministry at church, of which I oversee 18 – thankful for all my friends I’ve met on mission trips.  People who live all over the US, Scotland, CostaContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 15-18”

Month of Thanksgiving – days 8-14

I’m not keeping up with this very well, am I?  Please forgive me.  Here are somethings I’m thankful for, this should catch me up 🙂 My cat, my constant companion My family, loving and accepting no matter what  Christian music, helps keep my mind on Christ and not on things of this world Sierra MistContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 8-14”