beginning of March 2014

Apparently my last post worried some people.  Didn’t I say not to worry?  I am honored to hear so many people read this though 🙂 Things are better.  Even though it snowed again, the sun is out and the medication is kicking in.  A lot of the circumstances haven’t changed, but my outlook has. EvenContinue reading “beginning of March 2014”

One week later

Hard to believe I’ve already been home from Africa a week! I miss the people I met, both my teammates and people of Africa.  Seeing/witnessing the miracles (see last entry). Normal just seems, well, boring.  I think I’ve been ruined for it!  Every time I go on a trip, I feel my calling even more. Continue reading “One week later”

In the meantime

Inspired by a pretty cool blog by a girl named Emily. I think I’ve touched on this subject before, right?  No, I know I have, but it’s been awhile, right? The subject of being single. Even if I have, too bad, I feel like talking about it again.  It’s my blog, right? So, if youContinue reading “In the meantime”