August 2016

Been a trying month. Have really missed Fitz. It was a month ago yesterday that I put him down. I’m starting to get used to him not being here though, and that makes me sad again. I’m not ready for a new one yet though. I got a tattoo of his paw print with anContinue reading “August 2016”

Mid-July 2016

Hi everyone. I know it’s been awhile, but things have been rough. Let me explain… So my last day at the plant was June 24th. I spent most of the next couple weeks attempting to get caught up in my homework. Didn’t do too well. Haven’t received my final grade, but right now we’re lookingContinue reading “Mid-July 2016”

Month of Thanksgiving – days 8-14

I’m not keeping up with this very well, am I?  Please forgive me.  Here are somethings I’m thankful for, this should catch me up 🙂 My cat, my constant companion My family, loving and accepting no matter what  Christian music, helps keep my mind on Christ and not on things of this world Sierra MistContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 8-14”