024 More cats

I will be back to posting regularly soon. I apparently needed a break. But here are more kitty pics in the meantime!!

023 Cats

I realize I have not posted in a long time, sorry! To make up for it, here are a ridiculous amount of cat pictures! These are from my phone, and just from the past year. The orange tabby is Fletcher and the tortie is Samantha. They are siblings and are going on 7 years old.Continue reading “023 Cats”

Mid December 2020

Hi! It’s getting towards the end of the year, so I thought I should check in! Exhausted is the general status. The sciatica pain is draining. I heard someone say recently that a 4 on the pain chart is not normal, 0 is. Lately it seems like 5-7 is my normal. Complaining about it doesn’tContinue reading “Mid December 2020”