4 months #love

Yep, it’s been 4 months since I met Mike. I still feel like I’ve known him so much longer than that. Can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen in love with him in such a short period of time. Crazy, right? But when it’s right, it’s right. Right? I know I’ve probably said it at leastContinue reading “4 months #love”

End of May 2015

It’s feels like a while since I’ve written. I posted recently my support letter for the China mission trip though. Not a lot of response yet, but we’ve got time. Mike and I have been dining out at some really nice places and eating some really nice food. Unfortunately we’re starting to show the consequencesContinue reading “End of May 2015”

Early May 2015 #mission

Hi everyone! I have exciting news! Looks like plans for my mission trip this year are starting to get finalized! I’ll be spending 10 days in…….. China!! Can’t say what parts, just NE. We’ll be doing an encouragement conference for some missionaries stationed there and seeing some babies in a foster home. Support letters willContinue reading “Early May 2015 #mission”