Mid-April 2019

Apologies for the radio silence the past couple months. A lot going on as usual! My doctor reduced my antidepressant back in late Jan or early Feb. Feb was a good month, I actually started having feelings I didn’t realize I hadn’t in a while and started caring about some things again. Well, this provedContinue reading “Mid-April 2019”

mid May 2014 #goingbacktocollege #LUO

My last entry was a bit heavy (no apology, just stating the fact!), hopefully this one will be a little lighter! Received my acceptance email from Liberty University Online yesterday morning!!  Also, they transferred 51 credits from when I went to community college 17 years ago!  I am now considered a Junior in college!!  Whoohoo! Continue reading “mid May 2014 #goingbacktocollege #LUO”