Beginning August 2022

When I was in elementary school, they gave us trees for Arbor Day. I mean, like, sticks that could become trees. I’d guess that over the years, not many of these have survived. One of mine has though and is still in my mom’s front yard! It has reached a height that when dad wasContinue reading “Beginning August 2022”

Late/Mid Aug 2021

I’m sitting in our Vrbo in Denver, CO (more on that in a future post, but if you ever need a place to chill in the area, I recommend this place… probably not if with littles though) and should probably be headed to bed, but had a Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk withContinue reading “Late/Mid Aug 2021”

Month of Thanksgiving – days 27-30

27 – thankful for my salvation.  not just from Hell, but from my self and my sin, for the abundant life here on Earth and the eternity that awaits me in Heaven with my Savior! 28 – thankful for Thanksgiving, the food & time with family, plus the reminder to be thankful 29 – thankfulContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 27-30”

Month of Thanksgiving – days 8-14

I’m not keeping up with this very well, am I?  Please forgive me.  Here are somethings I’m thankful for, this should catch me up 🙂 My cat, my constant companion My family, loving and accepting no matter what  Christian music, helps keep my mind on Christ and not on things of this world Sierra MistContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 8-14”