Mid July 2022

Over 300 posts since Sept 2009, wow! I was scrolling through to see when I started and glanced at some of the topics, which I used to do instead of the date. I’ve covered A LOT of topics! Weight loss, health, depression, mission trips, Scripture, music, books, school, family, relationships… makes me wonder who I’veContinue reading “Mid July 2022”

End of April 2022

It wasn’t planned or intentional, but apparently I needed a break. I don’t know if this is just a drop by or if I’m back to writing, but time will tell. ‘They’ say this comes with getting older, but the concept of time has changed so much in the past 2 years. I get toContinue reading “End of April 2022”

Mid-March 2021

There’s so little going on that I don’t always feel the need or desire to write. Which makes me sad, because when I’m writing I truly enjoy it. Anyway, there’s a few things that have happened so far this year to share. I got a promotion! I’m no longer in HR, which was a muchContinue reading “Mid-March 2021”