Late January 2023

In 25.5 hours, I turn 44 years old. I don’t really feel any sort of way about it, just another number. I mean, there are things I thought I would have experienced by now, but anytime I’ve ever tried to push those things and not wait on God’s timing, it’s never worked out (or blownContinue reading “Late January 2023”

Mid-October 2022

Enough. Enough of lethargy. The cliché about being tired of being tired echoes loud in my head. That’s where I find myself. It’s not a frustrated exhaustion of life or circumstances, I think. It’s a physical fatigue. I’m just tired. I’m not sad or without hope. I just want to sleep. MS sucks. Chronic painContinue reading “Mid-October 2022”

Beginning March 2017 – 10 years!

10 years! 10 years since I went on my first mission trip. So, it would seem due that I reminisce a little. What have I learned over the last decade? What has God shown me? First, go! Second, trust! Third, pray! Not in that specific order though J Oh, and why? People! Going to MexicoContinue reading “Beginning March 2017 – 10 years!”