Mid-April 2019

Apologies for the radio silence the past couple months. A lot going on as usual! My doctor reduced my antidepressant back in late Jan or early Feb. Feb was a good month, I actually started having feelings I didn’t realize I hadn’t in a while and started caring about some things again. Well, this provedContinue reading “Mid-April 2019”

Mid-December 2018

HELLO! Greetings to the land of the living! Ha! Being in a Master’s degree program can suck the life right out of ya! Oh my! I’ve had tunnel vision on my class recently. I really struggled with this class, not from content but just overwhelmed with everything else going on. OK, all that doesn’t makeContinue reading “Mid-December 2018”

Beginning Aug 2018

So my last entry was a bit of a rant. And I’ve been made aware that it could be taken out of context from a couple of fronts. My apologies, I haven’t rant-blogged in a while, and maybe shouldn’t have. I’m sure the lady who wrote the article I was referencing is a great person,Continue reading “Beginning Aug 2018”