Mid-February 2019

It’s Valentine’s Day. I know I’ve gotten a little introspective in past years Wait, who am I kidding? I’m introspective all the time! It really can get kind of dark in my mind sometimes. Over-thinking, introspective, introvert, and not sure how to express feelings. But at the same time, if you give me your earContinue reading “Mid-February 2019”

Mid-July 2018

So I just read an article that explains why I’m single. Apparently men prefer women who are virgins, have no debt, and have no tattoos. The WOMAN who wrote this was quoting other people who were saying why us older, ‘experienced’, college-graduates won’t get to marry well. And talked about, basically, our purpose is toContinue reading “Mid-July 2018”

Beginning of May 2017

The sun is shining! It has been raining so much lately! I’m sure if you’re from the Midwest or know someone from here, you’re probably tired of the rain, and even tired of people taking about the rain! But its nice to have sunshine again. Kind of reminds me of the commonly used illustration whereContinue reading “Beginning of May 2017”