Mid July 2019

10 days post-operation and I’m starting to feel better. I had my gallbladder removed on 7/11. I was having some pain and stuff from it because there was a stone in it that was about an inch in diameter. How big is a gallbladder usually? Not sure, but that was a big stone. It wasContinue reading “Mid July 2019”

Late/mid-July 2015

I’ve got so much on my plate right now and I have to decide, or recognize, what is from God and what’s not. I am not going to China this year on that mission trip. Things just didn’t work out with it and it didn’t feel right. School’s going pretty well, but I am soContinue reading “Late/mid-July 2015”

If things are good…

…then why do I feel down? I think I get like this when I’ve got too much going on.  Things are going well, but if there’s too many things, it stretches me thin.  Too bad not literally! 😉 Blah!  Need to shake this yucky-ness off.  Or is it that I’ve managed to let my focusContinue reading “If things are good…”