Month of Thanksgiving – days 27-30

27 – thankful for my salvation.  not just from Hell, but from my self and my sin, for the abundant life here on Earth and the eternity that awaits me in Heaven with my Savior! 28 – thankful for Thanksgiving, the food & time with family, plus the reminder to be thankful 29 – thankfulContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 27-30”

Month of Thanksgiving – day 26

26 – thankful for answered prayers… even when the answer is ‘no’ or ‘not now,’ eventually I’m thankful, KWIM? PS – if you read my post the other day on 25 things you might not know about me, you know I had a fear to face.  I faced it with good results.  Can’t say tooContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – day 26”

Month of Thanksgiving – days 15-18

15 – thankful for the singles’ group at church 16 – thankful for Saturdays with nothing to do 17 – thankful for the seniors in the Seniors’ Ministry at church, of which I oversee 18 – thankful for all my friends I’ve met on mission trips.  People who live all over the US, Scotland, CostaContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 15-18”