Mid-November 2017

I’ve sat down to write this entry a couple times now. Despite already putting the general news on Facebook, talking about what I’m going through isn’t always very easy. This is post number 270 (wow!) and I’ve talked about a lot of things here. But let me get really real with you. Depression really sucks.Continue reading “Mid-November 2017”

Begining of November 2014 #school #MS #vacation #philosophy #theSeason

Hi!  I’m still here, just haven’t had much to say lately, sorry. School has me really busy.  I feel like every spare moment has been spent studying.  Not necessarily though, I do seem to still make time for my favorite TV shows and to read some, and nap – definitely have time to nap! PhilosophyContinue reading “Begining of November 2014 #school #MS #vacation #philosophy #theSeason”

what’s been up lately

So, I faced one of my fears and I did ask ‘the guy’ out.  He didn’t exactly say ‘yes’ but gave me his number.  So now the ball is back in my court.  Wait, how did that happen???  Anyway, just wanted to clear that up for you all who follow and caught the cryptic messageContinue reading “what’s been up lately”

Month of Thanksgiving – days 27-30

27 – thankful for my salvation.  not just from Hell, but from my self and my sin, for the abundant life here on Earth and the eternity that awaits me in Heaven with my Savior! 28 – thankful for Thanksgiving, the food & time with family, plus the reminder to be thankful 29 – thankfulContinue reading “Month of Thanksgiving – days 27-30”