boring is better?

Sometimes I wish I had more going on, so I’d have more to write about.  Then I realize that sometimes its better this way, no stress!! A few updates… Sending in my deposit for the Rwanda mission this weekend!!  Hard to believe, but in 7 months I’ll be in Africa!! Still vegetarian.  Craving a juicyContinue reading “boring is better?”

GreenBEAN – a review

How I found these guys:  click here. I received my first delivery from GreenBEAN on Friday evening.  I was so impressed!  The driver sent a friendly wave from his truck after dropping the green bins at my door.  All of the food arrived in Styrofoam/insulated coolers with freezer packs (forgot to take pics of theContinue reading “GreenBEAN – a review”

local groceries to you door? LivingSocial Deal

LivingSocial has a deal today for a company called GreenBEAN.   They deliver local produce (mostly organic I believe) and groceries to you door, how cool is that?  Prices seem pretty reasonable to, for what you’re getting, with free delivery!  Check them out.  You can see the LivingSocial deal ($15 for $35 worth) here. AfterContinue reading “local groceries to you door? LivingSocial Deal”