When God designed us, He instilled a unique set of skills, strengths, desires, and passions in each one of us. Mine are different than yours, and each is different from the other 8 billion. That’s the creativity of a God who is a Creator. My particular mix includes photography, travel, empathy, a desire to connect dots, and writing.

Connecting the dots… I’m forever seeing how things and people are linked across creation. What happens in the US affects what happens in Japan, that affects what happens in Italy, etc. In particular, how God is moving in one life can affect another, even across the globe. By sharing what I have seen in Costa Rica can inspire someone in Texas to support and encourage workers who are fighting for the end of human trafficking. Sharing the intricacies of a flower can reveal to someone that if God cares that much about a plant, how much more does He care about them!

God is always at work. A lot of times in things we don’t see. However, occasionally we can see Him showing off. My goal is to capture bits of His wonder and share it with the world.

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