Bragging on the Lord is designed to show off pictures I have taken that display some of the amazing things I have seen God do or design. I have traveled a fair amount and some of the posts will be about those trips. I also love nature and some posts will be the beauty I have seen.

0 Egeria (inspiration)

Sharing a post from my other blog…

007 Hawaii – 2016

I was on the main island for a conference and had a chance to visit the Pearl Harbor memorial. It was surreal for 2 reasons.…

016 Zoos

Mix of pictures from various trips to the St Louis and KC Zoos

021 Flowers (4)

4th in a series of posts of flowers (butterflies & water).

022 Update: still here!

Sorry for the radio silence!! Life… I wanted to share what I’m working on though. When the idea for this page came to me, photojournalism…

023 Cats

I realize I have not posted in a long time, sorry! To make up for it, here are a ridiculous amount of cat pictures! These…

024 More cats

I will be back to posting regularly soon. I apparently needed a break. But here are more kitty pics in the meantime!!

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