Seriously loving Scotland!! The temperature is perfect and it is so so pretty!

That aside, God has been amazing. There have been soooo many obstacles come our way, yet it all worked out. British Airways is in the middle of strikes, so they canceled our flight from London to Glasgow, but we got to take a train. We were a little late to the train and had to wait for the next one. Imagine this, 10 Americans running through the subway of London, with all our luggage trying to catch a train. It was a sight. The train we got was nice though. 4.5 hour ride, but got to see a lot of the country side. Oh, and 2 of our team missed the flight from Atlanta to London because of the storms. We weren’t sure if they would make it, but ended up with a flight directly from Atlanta to Glasgow, and arrived this morning. Just in time for church.

Church was nice. A few of us gave testimonies, including me. I talked about having PCOS, MS and depression yet how God has brought me through. The other testimonies all had a similar message of faith and hope and living for God, which was cool how God worked all that out. The people seemed to be real touched. We all prayed for one another and I got to talk to some people. I understood most of what they said 😉 One girl had back problems and loves to dance. We talked some and I told her that I once tried to take tap lessons from a friend but the MS and muscle spasms got in the way. Anyway, she came back to visit me this evening and gave me a pair of tap shoes! How cool? They fit too!

Well, my feet are a little swollen though. We went on a hike earlier for a couple hours through some rolling hills here on the land. I think they’ll fit well later.

The hike was gorgeous. I wanted to give up a few times, but so glad I stuck it out. The pictures are amazing.

Back to the obstacles. Since BA cancelled the flight, they’re supposed to be paying for our train tickets, which will even cover that we had to transfer to another train.

There have been other behind the scenes struggles, I might talk about those later. But through it all, God has been blessing us. I look forward to the rest of this week to see what else He has in store!

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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