careful what you ask for…

I have a feeling I’ve said that many, many times! And will continue you to on this journey called life.

We pray for God to show us things, or to do things in our lives… then He does and we’re surprised. For me, mostly because it’s hardly ever in ways that I imagined. It’s a good kind of surprised, after the initial shock though 🙂

I’ve reconciled with people in the past few months that I had, basically, written off. People who I thought I would be better off without. These people were a part of my past, where I wanted them to stay. I wanted them to feel the pain they had caused me. BUT, they are children of God (even though not all necessarily walking with Him at the moment), and He never wrote them off. He’s never written me either, for that matter.

It’s so amazing to me to be able to talk about these situations from my past without the bitterness boiling in my heart and stomach! I really have forgiven them, that revelation floored me. Someone wanted to know the back story to something that happened very recently. Normally I’d be emotional when telling it, but I wasn’t. I could tell I was ready to move on and let it go.

Awful, icky things happen to all of us. We’re instructed to forgive those who trespass/sin against us. It’s no fun whatsoever going through this process, but please let me tell you, the peace that comes for forgiving and letting go of the hatred is totally worth it in the end. Can’t say I’ll let any of these people in too far, but they are forgiven and now I can be civil with them.

People change. I change. The things that chained me down a few years (even days) ago, no longer do. Who am I to hold things over anyone’s head?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned recently:

If the Lord truly has my heart, then no one, except Him, can break it.

Does He have yours? Are you holding on to bitterness? Seek Him and meet Him at the cross. Lay it ALL down at His resurrected feet.

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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