Day 5: Exodus 1 – 14

the beginning of Moses’ story.  funny how, even though I haven’t seen the movie in years, I kept seeing the Prince of Egypt running in my mind.  The whole time thinking the story line in the movie was terribly flawed!

Anyway 🙂  

The enemy tried to kill off the redeemer by having the king kill off all the baby boys.  Sounds familiar, huh?  So what’s going on now with all the abortions?  I won’t go there, plenty of other people have…  I wonder how difficult for Moses’ mom to give him up after she nursed him?  At least he was alive and she knew he’d be in good hands with the princess.

I never noticed before that the king who drove Moses out the first time was not the same as the one who Moses told to set his people free.

At the burning bush, God didn’t speak to Moses until Moses turned toward Him.  That spoke to me.  Moses saw that something was going on – the non-burning bush, went to check it out, then God spoke to him.  We should be on the lookout for the things, especially the miracles, that are going on around us.  God may just speak to us too.

I like that God still used Moses, regardless of all the excuses he came up with!  I know He wasn’t happy, but He had a call on his life.  Moses and Aaron did what God told them, a lot of bad things happened, but it all worked out for His glory.  I’ve struggled with the fact that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, but I think Pharaoh must have made his choice before this.  And God did all that so that Israel would see Him moving, and that the people of Egypt would see that He was the Lord.  Sad that you don’t read of any of the Egyptians going with the Israelites and turning to the Lord.

They get all the way to the sea and then Pharaoh and his army come upon them.  They blame Moses for leading them out to die.  How many times, no I really don’t want to know, have God lead me out of a bad place and then I get scared and ask what the heck He was doing?  Got to learn to trust Him!  If He has brought me this far, He’ll split that sea in front of me too.


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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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