0.8 pounds from half way :)

Other areas of my life first
I know not everyone cares about the weight loss, so here’s what else is going on in my life.  The promotion at work is still in the works.  We have someone we’re in the process of hiring to take over the HR and ISO stuff so I can focus on the inventory and logistics stuff.  Long process.  Still have mixed emotions about it all.  I know there’s areas of HR that I’ll miss, but I’m excited about the advancement opportunity.

Summer is just about over, and MS didn’t kick my butt too hard.  Very much looking forward to the 60-70 degree weather though!  Allergies, however, continue to kick my butt!

God is moving and preparing us for work!  Things at church are picking up.  I recently started a new small group, leading it this time.  I also signed up to be a part of the tech team, helping with visuals.  I feel like I got a year ‘off’ to heal and get my spiritual strength back up, now it’s time to get to work!  I love that He never gives up on us, even though we soooo deserve it.  His grace is enough!

Going (back to) Denver this weekend!  This time for ladies’ retreat/conference.  Going to Vegas in Oct to actually stay at our timeshare, then KC later in Oct for another outreach.  I love to travel, can you tell?!?! 😉 

Weight loss
My current goal is to get down to 150, as of this morning I am at 187.8.  The highest weight I have recorded is 224.  So to be 1/2 way, I need to lose 0.8 more pounds 🙂  That makes me happy!  

I plateaued for a little while, um, about 3 months actually.  So aggravating!  It didn’t help that I was weighing myself constantly, hoping it would go down.  I thought I could put the scale away for a month, not so much.  I lasted a week.  I’ve learned that I need to weigh every morning just to keep myself accountable daily.  BUT I can’t let myself get upset when it goes up a little.  Water weight – lost and gained – is a very real thing and can throw a person off course.  Best measurable of all, for me, is that none of my cloths fit anymore 🙂  Since I didn’t measure myself in the beginning of all this, I have no real idea of how many inches I’ve lost so far.  I know from Aug to Sept I lost 4, and only 0.4 lbs.

The reason I said ‘my current goal’ is because once I get to 150, I might want to lose more, or concentrate more on strength.  We’ll see how I feel about it all when (not if) I get there.  Next Spring is the plan on that BTW 🙂

Halloween 10k in less than 5 weeks!  Haven’t been training like I should, but not doing too bad either.  Shin splints are the worse thing ever!!

As I’ve learned from a lot of my friends on MFP (myfitnesspal.com) and from others I know who are losing or have lost weight, most people want to know how we do it.  Ready for the honest truth??  Hard work and determination.  Ouch, yeah, I know, it sucks.  But NO pill, NO special diet, NO miraculous exercise machine can do it.  Yeah, you could lose a lot of weight real quick w/one or all of those, but it won’t last.  Sorry.  Its a lifestyle change.  But you know what else????  I still eat the things I love.  Just less or I make up for it in working out.  I’ve done some studying on it and come to the conclusion that I will allow myself ‘cheat’ or ‘spike’ days.  Trick has been to only allow these about once every 7 – 10 days.  I stick to around 1500 calories a day, usually going over a little.  Every now and then I go over 2000, gasp!  I know.  But 36 pounds lighter and an unknown number of pants sizes less… it works for me.  Kinda tricks my metabolism.

I feel like I’m pretty open and honest about the way I’m losing weight, and any other area of my life.  So ask me if you have questions 🙂

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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