Adopted and blessed (and a little insane)

Did you know if you adopt a child, you cannot disinherit them?  but you can disinherit one who is your flesh and blood?  If, as Christians, we are adopted daughters and sons of God, the Heavenly Father, by our faith in Jesus Christ, He cannot disinherit us.  Every spiritual blessing in Heavenly places that is ours to inherit through the blood of Christ, the Father won’t decide that at some point we don’t deserve it.  let that all sink in… man, He loves us and those blessings will overwhelm us… wow!
we started a new round of small groups at church last Wed (Sept 14th) and I’m in one where we’re discussing the lies we have built up on top of the Truth of the Gospel.  Stuff like religion for the sake of rules and guilt and stuff like that.  I’m loving it!  The Truth sets us free, lies hold us down.  Have you ever said to someone, or yourself, that you can’t really be a Christian if you (fill in the blank)?  Why do we think it’s so much more complicated than just a relationship with God?  it all weighs us down, and we then weigh other people down. 
one of the things I said last night in group kinda came out like it was one of those thoughts I’d had for awhile, but was new, at least formed into words that made a sentence anyway.  maybe a year ago I was all proud of myself for losing weight.  ya me, I’d figured out my formula.  guess what?!?  I hadn’t.  I was so focus on my little success, I’d forgotten Whom to give the praise to.  I haven’t figured out a stinking thing.  I do know I need to exercise and I do know I can’t just sit around and eat donuts and fried chicken all the time and expect my health to improve (darn!).  but He was the one Who took my small amount of effort and blessed it.
Kinda having the same issue with my debt.  I keep asking Him to bless me, to help me with the paying down part, but I’m not trusting Him, I still use my credit cards.  I mean, come on, my budget is set so that my NEEDS are met, the WANTS end up on the credit cards.  All the while praying He’ll show me the ‘coin in the fish’s mouth’.  Hello!  Definition of insanity is …. :-/
I forgot how much just talking with others about stuff helps me think things out.  I’ve been going around another round of depression and it’s so easy just to retreat into myself.  Forget the world, and friends, and help, I’d rather just watch another episode of… I started a new anti-depressant a few weeks ago, this has not been a fun experience, but I do have moments when I know I’m getting better.  Those moments are starting to last into an hour here and there, so that’s nice.
So, new adventures on the horizon that I can’t wait to talk about, but at the moment I can’t.  Changes coming, but we have to be sensitive to the people involved and His timing.  Just know He has a new assignment for me, one that will stretch the mess out of me (goodbye mess, but oh, this is gonna hurt!).
Oh, and YA!!!! for Fall!  I LOVE autumn, just not so much with the allergies though.  Temp wise, this time ROCKS!  Just need to invest in a respirator I can wear 🙂

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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