Proverb 6:10-11

I was reading my Bible this morning, which was crazy early.  Ever since the new antidepressant started working, I’ve been sleeping less.  I used to wake up right on time, maybe, and rush to get ready and out the door.  Now I wake up 30 min to 2 hours early.  I used to think there wasn’t a point to waking up that early, I mean, what could possibly get accomplished that couldn’t wait until the evening?  Then again, I never really accomplished anything in the evening either…

Back to the Bible.  I’m reading a couple plans on an app on my phone, and not really focusing on any particular book at the moment.  So, when I feel like, and have the time and not rushing around, I try to pick something else to read.  Usually the Proverb that corresponds with the date.  Like today, the 10th, but I read Psalm 10 first.  Then I had a thought, why not read the date?  So I read Gen 6:10, Exodus 6:10, etc.  Skipped some and ended up at Proverb 6:1o (CEV).  You know, the point of this whole post… 🙂

“Sleep a little. Doze a little.
Fold your hands
and twiddle your thumbs.”

Um, OK does that mean I can go back to sleep before I have to get ready for church this morning??  So I read verse 11:

“Suddenly, everything is gone,
as though it had been taken
by an arme
d robber.

Or from The Living Bible verses 9-10:

“But you – all you do is sleep.  When will you wake up?  ‘Let me sleep a little longer!’ Sure, just a little more!  And as you sleep, poverty creeps upon you like a robber and destoys you, want attacks you in full armor.”

oh, now I get it, think of the poverty as depression…

since the depression was so oppressive for so long, I really don’t know how to function yet.  And now I get nervous when I grow tired in the afternoon.  I used to sleep a lot.  I used to watch a lot of TV because I didn’t have energy or desire to do anything.  Now, I get scared that the depression is coming back.  Not trusting that God used the new med to heal me, not know that these things are normal, and not remembering I have MS.

So when I read Proverb 6:10-11, I just had to laugh.  I could give in to lie and go back to sleep, and nap for 2-3 hours everyday, thinking I’m still depressed.

BUT I”M NOT!!!  I will not lay down and let the enemy steal my joy!

Not that I can never nap again.  I mean, I do have MS, and my body does not like heat.  But laying down and napping because I don’t feel like dealing with things, no longer an option!

OK, this made total sense to me, but remember I’m not used to being up this early.  So if it didn’t make sense to you, just know I got a lot out of it, lol!  😉

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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