early Sept 2013

Hi y’all.  It’s been a busy couple weeks!

Didn’t start that running program like I said I would.  It’s been too hot!  And my treadmill is currently unavailable due to leftover yard sale stuff taking up my basement.  I did make it out the other day for a walk, which took entirely too long.  My pace has really gone downhill over the past few years :(.  I’m determined to get it back and better than ever, just gonna take a lot of work.

Lost a little bit a weight this past week!!  Amazing considering how often I went over my calorie budget and all the eating out, but yay!

Africa is paid for!!  Praise the Lord!  And thanks to all who gave!  Still need people for my prayer team, let me know if you’re willing to commit to that.

So, I went to a travel clinic to get my vaccines for the trip a couple of weeks ago and got some news that freaked me out for a bit.  Yellow fever is a vaccine that you’re required to have in order to get into some (most?) countries in Africa, but it’s a live-virus vaccine.  Because of the MS and the med I’m on, I can’t get live-virus vaccines.  So after a bit of a panic, thinking I wasn’t going to be able to go, there’s a waiver I can get.  The immigration people don’t always check for your vaccine verification anyway, and if they do, they should accept the waiver.  The doctor’s OK with it.  I’ll just have to cover myself with insect repellant (Yellow Fever is transmitted by mosquitoes).

So, YAY!  That all worked out 🙂

I go this afternoon to get other vaccinations from my doctor.  Still have one or two more after that to get from the travel clinic too.  Man, my arm is going to be sore!  Praying for no adverse reactions!

Got accepted by the District Supervisor for the Pastoral Licensing!  Still waiting on the board’s approval though.  Should hear something very soon.

I finished Becoming a Woman of Excellence.  Good stuff.  Trying, with God’s help, to do my best with everything I put my hand to do.  It’s mostly about being more like Him, which is what us Christians are striving to be anyway, right??

I think that’s all for now.  Blessings!

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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