Africa – Days 7 & 8

Africa day 7

Oct 20, 10:30p – Hotel in Gambia

Last night we attended an outreach at a village in Difangur, Senegal. 38 people gave their lives to Christ and many more received prayers for healing. I had my first meal where you eat with your hands, from a community pot. The food was good, but it was definitely a new experience.

Today we ministered in their little church. I gave a testimony about God healing me. We ended up praying for healing for some people, and the lady I prayed with said she felt better! She wasn’t completely healed when we left but I believe she will be soon.

Then we traveled to The Gambia.

I’m currently in our 5-star hotel room. We’re staying at a resort for only $50/night! Praise God 🙂

Tomorrow we start a leadership training sessions with some area leaders. Not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it’ll be interesting!


Africa day 8

Oct 21, 9pm – hotel in The Gambia

The missionary couple here who we’re visiting have a school that we were at today. It’s nice and the kids are sweet. We did the leadership training there too. We did a small teaching in the morning and opened it up for questions. These people are eager for knowledge. So many false teachers here, plus they watch too much tele-vangelism. The afternoon session was more of a seminar type thing with some questions.

I think I’m falling in love with this country. The harvest is ripe, they just need workers. They have a ton of supplies for the school, but no one to show them how to use them, or the time. Lord send workers!


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