catching up

I feel like that’s all I do lately, try to catch up.

So, the depression decided to go another round with me.  Maybe it was the weather (dreary) that made me feel down.  Maybe its the stress at work.  Maybe its the concern for friends.  Whatever the cause, or effect for that matter, my doctor and I decided to up one of my meds.  Only on the 2nd day, so I won’t be able to tell a difference until next week.  Hope I feel better soon.

There’s another side to this though.  Not to over-spiritual things, but my time with God daily has seriously been lacking.  Is it a cause, or is it an effect?  Could reading my Bible and praying more make me feel better?  No doubt, but when you’re depressed, nothing seems worth the effort.  Except for eating, totally don’t have a problem getting off the couch for that. 

On that note, I haven’t lost any weight yet this year.  Might of actually gained a couple pounds.  I gotta start training for the 5k on April 5th though, that should help.

Things are crazy at work.  Our Admin Assistant quit in January, after having been on FMLA leave for weeks before that.  So I’ve been covering that along with my job.  We got a temp to take over, but she just wasn’t catching on to things, so we had to let her go.  Now I’m back to covering both jobs again while we screen resumes for a new person. 

Not doing so well with my goals so far this year.  Up in weight, haven’t finished any books, etc.  But that’s par for the course when battling depression, I guess.

OK, blah!  I’m starting to have a pity party, which no one wants to go to.  Better get back to work anyway.

Things will get better, don’t you worry about me 🙂

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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