late March 2014

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately, a lot on my mind and heart.  But not too much I could write about.

My grandma spent last week in the hospital.  She was suffering the complications of an U. T. I.  She’s back at her nursing home now though, thank God.

A dear, sweet woman from my church passed away last night.  While I’m sad to see her go, I’m happy that she’s with the Lord.  And that I’ll see her again someday.

Still struggling with the weight loss.  I did really well a couple of weeks ago, then we put more acid on my toe (for the warts) and moving has become difficult.  Hope to get back to my 5k training this week though.

The depression has definitely gotten better.  I’m just tired a lot, which comes from the MS and/or the weather, I guess. 

So that friend I told you about a while back…  I have been wrestling with whether or not I thought it was sin.  After a lot of thinking and praying, I’ve come to the conclusion, and I believe God told me, that it’s not God’s perfect plan for someone to be that way, but neither is someone having MS or depression.  Am I saying it’s a sickness?  Maybe in a way, I really just don’t understand.   I’m not trying to start a (or contribute to the ongoing) debate.  I’ve heard both sides of the argument, and still am willing to listen.  All I can go by is what God’s told me.

But as far as my friend and I go, we’ve basically agreed to disagree and we know our friendship is stronger than that disagreement.  I love her and she loves me and we’re both children of God, with Jesus as our Savior, so I’m just going to let it be.

Some or most may not agree with me on this stand, from either side of the argument.  But Jesus told me to love people, and that’s what I’m going to do.


Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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