mid May 2014 #goingbacktocollege #LUO

My last entry was a bit heavy (no apology, just stating the fact!), hopefully this one will be a little lighter!

Received my acceptance email from Liberty University Online yesterday morning!!  Also, they transferred 51 credits from when I went to community college 17 years ago!  I am now considered a Junior in college!!  Whoohoo!  Plus, at about $360/credit hour, that’s a lot of money saved!!

So, I’m a little excited!

Now trying to figure out the financial aid.  ugh.  Yes, this will require me to go into more debt 😦  but about the time I graduate I’ll be done with the Debt Management Program (credit counseling) so I’ll have the money to start paying off the student loans right away.  I’m OK with that.

I’d also be OK with a scholarship or four, but those are hard to come by, especially when you get older and not going to college right out of high school.  They ask questions about ACT and SAT and GPA, like I remember those numbers from back then.  Not that I’m not looking for scholarships mind you, most of the ones I’ve found are more of a lottery though.

I’m also considering getting some more credits from the community college and transferring them over.  $360/hour vs $100/hour is a lot of money.  Dual enrollment is kinda tricky though, that’s a lot of credit hours.  We’ll see, waiting on God to show me the path on that one, maybe I’ll do summer classes at CC and Fall and Spring at LUO??

On a completely other note:  in 4 months (Sept) I’ll be in CO and in 5 months (Oct) I’ll be in FL.  No international trip this year.  CO is a conference for church and FL is an actual vacation!  Wow, I don’t think I know what one of those is! 🙂  Can hardly wait!



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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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