Late/mid-July 2015

I’ve got so much on my plate right now and I have to decide, or recognize, what is from God and what’s not.

I am not going to China this year on that mission trip. Things just didn’t work out with it and it didn’t feel right.

School’s going pretty well, but I am so glad I decided to go down to part-time. I can focus better on one subject at a time and not get too overwhelmed.

My parents are OK, or should I say hanging in there? I’m just worried about them and their health.

Things with Mike a great as usual. We know we want to get married, just trying to follow God’s leading on when.

Currently working through the paperwork to sell my house. Rough road ahead. I’m going to have to do a short sale because of the value of the home due to the neighborhood and school district and recession. My credit rating will take a hit, but it’s gotta be done.

Since I don’t know when my house will sell and when Mike and I will get married, my living arrangements are kinda up in the air too. Trying not to worry about it, but still a little stressed. I could wait to sell the house, but what if I wait too long and am stuck with it after we’re married? If it sells soon, I can get an apartment, but if it sells too late then I’ll have to pay more for a short-term lease. Plus, my parents won’t be taking my kitty after all. Mike’s reluctantly agreed to let me keep him. But this adds stress to the situation and makes it so I’ll have to pay extra in rent to have him and won’t be able to move into Mike’s when we get married (no pet rule). There’s a possible house coming available that we’d like to have, but I won’t be able to be on the mortgage for 2-3 years after the short sale. He’ll have to get the loan before we’re married.

A lot of ‘what if’s’ going on around here. But these things I know: I love Mike and am crazy about him, and he returns the feelings, God is still in control and has great plans for my life and He’ll provide a way, and that worrying about all this is wasted energy.

So, I lean on Him and trust in His plans. Even though He only shows me on step at a time!

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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