July 2021 – HCG Protocol

I have 6 drafts sitting in my posts! I’ve been holding something close to my chest for a few weeks until I was ready to share progress. I started an HCG protocol for weight loss back on June 12. I’ve lost about 30 pounds so far and I am ready to share with the world what’s going on.

I’ve talked about my health issues but haven’t shared that the blood work earlier this year was pointing towards diabetes and other obesity ailments. My doctor gave me some time to ‘fix’ it on my own with diet and exercise. It wasn’t happening. I tried but there have been so many contributing factors to contend with, namely sciatic pain. I was on this marry-go-round of pain, depression, fatigue, comfort eating…

I was talking with a lady who had gone under weight loss surgery, and I was starting to do some investigation into options. I ran across a weight loss clinic and signed up for a free consultation. I had no idea what I was going into, I guessed nutrition advice or some other program. I met with B (full name withheld because I am not reviewing her or the clinic… yet) and she asked a bunch of questions, so I explained the above. She explained the HCG protocol they offered, and I signed up. I’ve heard of this before in the form of drops and a low-calorie diet and was skeptical because it was over the counter and seemed unsafe. The program I’m doing is with a daily injection (just under the skin with a tiny needle) of the HCG and a restricted diet. The injections are from pharmacies and are tested and all that jazz. I’ll meet with a doctor soon and lab work will be conducted. I also meet with the consultant weekly to go over progress, problems, etc. B is also available pretty much whenever I have questions. There are other services included like B12 shots that have a combination of other enzymes and hormones (I’ll explain more at the end of this post). They have workout equipment and a trainer as well. There are more things I can describe later.

My daily intake of calories has averaged just under 500 a day. Shocking and scary, I know, hang with me! For the first 3 days of the protocol, I ate a lot of fatty foods to store up fat. The following 45 days I do the injections and restricted diet, then the 3 days after just the restricted diet. Then go into the next phase where I start a less restricted diet with more calories. In the end I should lose about 45 pounds and have reprogramed my brain on hunger signals and metabolism. I can do another round after that, but I can’t even guess if I’ll want or need that option. Maybe after the beginning of the year but I’m not sure. Oh, and the detoxing was the worst!

I’m not exercising much at all, but I also don’t have a lot of spare calories to burn! I am doing some yoga or stretching. I’ll start doing more in the next phase. I’ll have loose skin to tone as an incentive! I’ll also have energy and less pressure on my sciatic so I can move more!

So, what am I eating? In the morning I just have coffee with my allotted 1 tablespoon of milk. I’ve switched to cold brew, which I can discuss later. Lunch and dinner are the same setup: 4oz of either BLSL chicken breast or lean beef (only allowed beef every 3 days), 1 cup of either tomatoes, cucumbers, or broccoli (can’t mix), and either an apple or a handful of strawberries (4-5 medium), and either a piece of Melba toast or a super thin breadstick. Yep, that’s all! I drink a lot of water and some tea. If I stay hydrated, I don’t get hungry, I even feel satisfied after I do eat. I can feel it when it is time to eat though! I can have other things like an orange, mixed greens, and fish, but I’m not really a fan. Oranges mess with my stomach, greens without dressing are dry, and I just don’t like fish! Trust me, I’ve tried! I had Mahi Mahi last night and even though it didn’t have a fishy taste, the texture still made me gag. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with seasonings, herb, and spices. Cinnamon on a chopped apple microwaved for 90 seconds is awesome, BTW.

There are so many flavors I miss right now. However, I know I must do this successfully. I had 1 roasted marshmallow for the 4th of July with the tiniest piece of chocolate and it wasn’t worth it. The marshmallow was good, the chocolate not so much, but I didn’t feel the need to eat more. I’m having to learn and practice not turning to food for comfort, which is hard! I’m confident that when I complete this protocol I will think differently about food. Not in a crazy restrictive way, but I’ll be better acquainted with my hunger cues and not want to go back to where I was.

Extreme? Yes! But not as extreme as surgery and a lot cheaper (my insurance doesn’t cover it). I can safely redo this later if needed, but for now I’m enjoying getting healthier. Losing weight is a great thing, not only do I feel better, and my clothes are getting too big, but when I go back to my doctor at the end of the month, I won’t fear the lab results!

I’m excited and nervous to see the results. Excited for obvious reasons, but this is life altering! I’ve identified as an obese person for so long, there’s a lot of emotional and mental transformation happening quickly. My therapist, chiropractor, some close friends, and family are checking in and walking with me through this.

I will need some new clothes soon, so that’s super exciting! Well, sort of, that will require money. Anyone need a photographer?????

The shots I mentioned before: they are also called MIC shots which stands for Methionine, Inositol, and Choline. They also include B12 and other vitamins. The body needs these things, so no worries there. Methionine is an amino acid that helps the liver process fat. Inositol is in the B vitamin family and helps with insulin resistance (yay!). Choline also helps the liver with fat metabolizing and can help with a feeling of wellbeing. B12 helps with energy levels. The shot is inter-muscular (like a flu shot) and it made my arm hurt the first time. The 2nd was a little sore, but the 3rd didn’t hurt at all.

Below are pics of 2 of the meals I’ve had. The left was a lunch of seasoned chicken, tomatoes, apple, and a piece of Melba toast. The right was a dinner with plain chicken, cucumbers, strawberries, and a breadstick. I think they are attractive meals (maybe not that plain chicken!)

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