Amazed :)

I asked God to amaze me a few months ago. Not something to ask for the faint of heart. Kind of like praying for patience, you don’t get you learn it. Asking God to show you His hand at work in your life means He’ll take you through somethings and amaze you with the results. Not only of what He can do, but what He can do through you.

This was the first trip I’ve taken completely debt free! With the fee of the trip plus spending money, I only spent $800 of my own money, most of which was through a tax refund. When I was making out my thank you cards before the trip, I realized I hadn’t bought enough, I ended up needing about 40! That includes everyone who donated, prayed and/or helped with the yard sales. That is amazing to me!

During the trip, I was able to do a lot more work than I thought I could. The MS didn’t show it’s ugly self until almost the end of the last day of work, and I was good to go the next day anyway. I used power tools, I did yard work, I moved heavy things, I gave 2 testimonies, all without stress or anxiety. I ran through the London subway with luggage in tow (well, one of the guys traded with me, but still) without skipping a beat. I hope you get this, with the MS and depression, these are things I normally wouldn’t be able to do, or at least think I couldn’t do.

Even though we didn’t get to minister to many of the Scots, we ministered to each other and to the missionaries in Scotland. I was able to open up more than I normally would with complete strangers, people who now are dear family.

As the soreness and bruises fade, I pray the relationships and the awe of God’s amazing power do not.

Going forward… I know there are things I want to do, I now know I can overcome my fears. I feel called to the nations, and back to Scotland. I know He will guide and provide, I just ask where and when? It’s not always for me to know how.

Lord, thank You soooo much for this opportunity. Thank You for the people that are now a part of my heart. Thank You for working through me and teaching me new things. Thank You for being Who You are, and loving me. And thank You for all those who support me. Bless them in ways that amaze them. Amen.

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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