Day 2: Genesis 17 – 28

ead the rest of the account of Abraham and Sarah, then the account of Issac and the start of Jacob.  Totally honest, I’ve read these many times before, and didn’t really get much out of it this time.  Maybe I REALLY should listen to my own advise from yesterday and not read it all at one time.  I don’t want this challenge to just be something I do and put on a checklist, ya know?  This is the Word of God for Heaven’s sake!  

Abraham – though he didn’t do it perfect, he certainly did things I don’t want to have to face.  To literally have to sacrafic a son like that.  I know the Lord stopped him and provided a way out, but what in my life has the Lord promised me, yet told me to sacrifice it in obedience?  Do I say, oh yeah, sure and not make it all the way to building the alter and pulling out my knife?  We don’t face decisions quite like this anymore.  God may ask us to sacrifice things or plans, but a living person?  Hmmm….

Sarah – I get her.  I know I’ve laughed at the promised of God, thinking yeah, right!  To try to fulfill a promise in my own strength, to only despise the results.

Issac – gotta wonder what was going through his head when his dad bound him up and laid him on the wood.  

Jacob – the deceiver.  haven’t gotten to the point where his name is changed yet though.  He lived up to his name though.  Pushed some by his mom, also on his own.  Birthright and blessing, even though earned by trickery are still honored… I don’t get that, sorry. :-/

The Lord promises us things and blesses us, even though we totally don’t deserve it all.  He is so gracious.  So full of mercy.  I praise Him for that! 

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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