Day 3: Genesis 29 – 39

Confession: I’m not following the plan exactly.  I was actually supposed to only read to 28:20 yesterday and then 40:11 today… but I just can’t stop reading in the middle of the paragraph.  So somedays I’ll have to read a little more, others a little less.

Jacob meets Rachael.  While it sounds so romantic that a guy would work for a girl for 7 years, did he seriously not know he was making love to the wrong woman????  I don’t get that.  Was is completely dark and she didn’t say a word?  I know this isn’t spiritual at all, but that is what I thought when I read it.  Poor Leah though.  But the Lord had favor on her and she bore children, which again, he apparently didn’t not love her too much to have a bunch of children with her (not to mention the 2 servants)… I digress.  Just saying that I don’t get it.

And what makes a sheep or a goat have spotted offspring just by the rods it looks at while it’s mating?

I wonder what happened to Esau over those twenty some years when Jacob was away.  If I were Jacob, I would have been afraid too.  Esau wanted to kill him the last we heard.  But I guess his success made him happy. Even though he didn’t receive the blessing from his father, he still seemed to do OK.

I have heard so many sermons on Joseph, that I really don’t much new to say.  He was upright in his business, yet maybe a little to prideful with his brothers.  He was young though 😉  He just got thrown in jail, will read the rest tomorrow.  Now I have the play going on in my head… lol

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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