the whole story

thought I should share the whole story of my testimony of giving my life to the Lord…

I went to church as a kid with my grandma, but didn’t grow up in a Christian home.  My parents said that if I was going to find religion, I’d have to do it on my own.  I grew up always wanting to do the ‘good’ thing.  Wait until I was married to have sex, not drink, not do drugs, do my homework, obey the teachers.  all that stuff (never did drugs at least…)

In high school, a friend asked me what God had done for me to consider myself a believer.  I couldn’t answer him.  I gave up my faith but not the ‘good girl’ image for a few years.  One day another friend told me why she believed and I walked away believing again as Jesus as my Savior (note:  not Lord).

I only dated 1 guy in High School and that relationship was on and off for a few years after school too.  He told me God had said we were to be married, and not knowing any better, I believed him.  He was, I thought, a great catch.  we even went to church together until he moved away. (he’s a good guy now, no hard feelings)

He said that his argument with God was that I was overweight.  I was, and still am, but he later told me it was a childish way of handling things.  Either way I set up this perfect little world around this life with him.  When we did finally have our ugly breakup, I got really mad at God, I blamed Him. 

I was in a place where I had to choose a life of partying or something else.  I went to church on Easter (because good girls do that) and the pastor spoke on having a resurrected/new life.  I gave Jesus Lordship of my life that day.  I gave up control and let Him start working on the wall of bricks around my heart that I had built up.  Let me tell you, its been a wild ride.  But more on that later. 🙂

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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