GreenBEAN – a review

How I found these guys:  click here.

I received my first delivery from GreenBEAN on Friday evening.  I was so impressed!  The driver sent a friendly wave from his truck after dropping the green bins at my door.  All of the food arrived in Styrofoam/insulated coolers with freezer packs (forgot to take pics of the coolers inside the green bins, sorry).  Everything looked wonderful.  What I’ve eaten so far has been fresh and delicious.  Now, I can’t say that I’ll buy all my groceries from these guys, though I’d love too… buying exclusively organic is not in my budget, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice occasionally.  I’ll continue to order from GreenBEAN every other week, personalizing my order each time to try as many of their offerings as possible. (Ordering was super simple too, with a lot of choices in produce, meat, dairy, frozen foods, bulk items, etc).

My favorites so far have been the pistachios, strawberries and the Dogtown cheese pizza (local St Louis brand/St Louis style pizza).

Want to check them out for yourself?  Want a discount?  Use promo code 15BRml when you sign up (for new customers and re-activations only), and get $15 off your order.  Offer is good until March 4, 2013.

All opinion are my own, only discount I received was from LivingSocial.

Fitz had to check it all out too
Fitz had to check it all out too











all of it was fresh and beautiful. 










I mean, look at these strawberries

taste wonderful!
taste wonderful!









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