Africa – Days 10 & 11

Oct 24, 2p, Chicago Airport

Almost home!

What a wonderful trip! Can’t believe its just about over though. Not ready to get back to the normal life. After 11 days of nonstop adventure, the thought of getting back to work seems dull. I want to do this (mission trips) more often. But I know God has me where He needs me in the meantime. I’ve got things to take care of (debt) before the next stage in my life. Mean while I’ll just cherish the trips I do get to go on, and love the people I meet.

So, day 10 started off with a sunrise walk on the beach. We met up with a guy who was a Muslim but accepted Jesus as Lord! What a way to finish our time in Gambia. From there we flew to Dakar, where we met up with some missionaries. We went to the market to attempt to get souvenirs and the vendors were on us as soon as we got out of the car. A little annoying, but that’s how it goes. We had dinner with some other missionaries too. Sweet family. From there we flew to Brussels.

Day 11 – arrived in Brussels and hung out and shopped until our flight to Chicago. Bought some Belgian chocolate I can’t wait to try. Flew to Chicago and here I am. Tonight I might unpack and take a shower, but definitely getting some snuggle time with my cat. Tomorrow I get to go to the chiropractor and do laundry.

Thanks for following along on my journey.

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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