End of May 2015

It’s feels like a while since I’ve written. I posted recently my support letter for the China mission trip though. Not a lot of response yet, but we’ve got time.

Mike and I have been dining out at some really nice places and eating some really nice food. Unfortunately we’re starting to show the consequences of all those calories. I signed up for eMeals today to help get ideas for dinners, and I’m soliciting advice from friends and family. Silly, but I went to culinary school and love to cook, but meal planning is not something I know much of anything about. I’ve cooked some stuff for Mike already, and he says he really likes my food, so that’s good.

I need to start exercising more though. I like walking, but with the Midwest heat drawing near, that gets a little tricky. I cannot handle the heat with the MS. Not only do I have visual impairment, I also get fatigued very easily. Guess we could start walking around some malls. Trick there is to not eat and shop too much while there. I’ve tried workout videos but have a hard time getting into them and dedicating myself. I’d join a gym if there was one closer and it fit in the budget.

Speaking of budget… I crunched some numbers today and have pay-off dates for all my credit card debt!! Let the countdowns begin! I don’t want to confess how long this is going to take on here, but just know I have a plan and an end in sight. So excited!

My baby cousin is getting married in 23 days! So excited for her. The bridal shower is this Saturday, already got her gift, just have to wrap it. Look at me not totally waiting until the last-minute, you know, like I usually do!!

School’s going well. GPA is now 3.4, which I’d really like it to be 3.5 or higher. Current class is intro to counseling and I’m liking it so far. Should be able to pull of an A, no lower than a B. This is the intro class into my major, good thing I’m liking it 🙂

Had a sleep study done last week. No results yet though. I snore pretty bad but didn’t warrant a CPAP that night. Maybe will after the docs look over the test results. Hopefully I’ll hear something soon, so I can sleep better.

Hard to believe that I’ll be in China in just 4 months! I’m really excited for this trip! If you’re interested in helping with the cost, or being a part of my prayer team, just check out the post before this one for more info.

Well, I should go make dinner and study some. Hope you all are well!!

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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