Early September 2020

Announcement! I started another blog! It’s not for writing though, it’s photojournalism! I’m pretty excited to share pictures that showcase things I’ve witnessed God doing. There are posts about different mission trips, vacations, and nature. The site is for me to share the little moments that I’ve had the privilege of capturing. The link is braggingonthelord.wordpress.com. Enjoy!

Besides that, I’m just hanging in there. Exhausted generally though. I’m an empath, so all the chaos, stress, and unrest in the world is wearing on me. I’m full of hope in God through Christ, but still empathize with everyone that times are crazy. I’m trying to step back from social media some and pray and read the Bible more, but the news is all around. Months ago, back in Malawi actually, God drew me to Philippians 4:8, specifically about setting my attention on things that are true. Truth also means reality. What is reality? God is on His throne, Christ defeated the enemy, I am a child of God through Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection, and when I die, I get to be with Him for eternity. Focusing on these truths, on these realities, switches my focus and lightens my burden. It changes the burden to wanting to love people and letting God use me however He sees fit.

My main struggle right now is pain. Physical and constant. We (doctors & I) have thought it was sciatic pain, but after 6 steroid injections and misc. other treatments, my pain doctor looked at me this week and said he just didn’t know what was wrong. We talked about my symptoms some more and his hypothesis is that it’s not actually being causes by my lower back. That there’s something blocking communication between my brain and my leg, and that something is in my upper back or neck. New MRI’s are scheduled for Sept 15 to see if it is compression or an MS lesion. I haven’t had new MS trouble in ages, my last MRI’s earlier this year didn’t show any activity. But these new ones are for different parts of my spine. Lord, please give us answers!

Overall, I’m just drained. Emotionally and physically exhausted. Spiritually tired, but only from trying to handle everything in my own strength. There are a lot of good things happening now too, don’t get me wrong! We’re feeding hundreds of people through a food distribution at my church, which is part of a larger effort in my city that is feeding thousands of people every month. The photojournalism site is an existing new adventure for me, and I am exploring ways to do more photography. I’m going to start doing photo sessions to earn some side cash as well. Message me if you’d like more info on that.

The cats have realized that I’m sitting and using the laptop, so they are vying for my attention. Talk to you again soon!

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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