032 Some of my other art

Photography isn’t my only artistic passion! Here are some others.

Early September 2020

Announcement! I started another blog! It’s not for writing though, it’s photojournalism! I’m pretty excited to share pictures that showcase things I’ve witnessed God doing. There are posts about different mission trips, vacations, and nature. The site is for me to share the little moments that I’ve had the privilege of capturing. The link isContinue reading “Early September 2020”

Mid February 2017

I totally missed the month of January, didn’t I? Feels like I’m about to miss February too if I’m not careful! Been an interesting couple months since I wrote last. I turned 38. Which seems odd, I’m pretty sure I was just 28! Not facing 40 already! Had a painting party for my big day,Continue reading “Mid February 2017”

36? wow #tattoo #ink #dragonfly

So, yesterday was my birthday and I turned 36.  Seems like yesterday that was 26.  I don’t feel old or anything, just not where I expected to be 10 years ago.  But I guess we can all say that, huh? I did give myself something yesterday for my birthday… a new tattoo!  It’s a dragonflyContinue reading “36? wow #tattoo #ink #dragonfly”