What else is going on? #art #english #school #ms #B90

So much else has been going on besides the Advocare 24-day challenge (which is going really well!  I have SO much more energy, it’s scary!)  

Anyway, I  thought I should take a moment and update y’all on other stuff 🙂

Art – I attended an art conference this past weekend that was very inspiring.  We discussed how art is prophetic and how you can use the arts to reach people for Christ.  The arts have been kinda taboo in churches, so it’s freeing to attend an event that affirms the giftings God has put in us.  It inspired me to go out and buy a new medium – pastels.  Hadn’t worked with them before but so far I like them.  They’re a lot like colored pencil, which I enjoy too.  God put into my imagination a couple of pieces I hope to work on soon, in acrylic and pastels.  Should be fun.

English – so I’m taking Eng 102 this semester and it is harder than I remember.  It’s online and writing intensive.  I like writing this blog and stuff, but I don’t have to worry about strict grammar and grades and all that with this platform.  I don’t have to give you all a thesis statement and a closing paragraph, but maybe I do that unintentionally anyway… hmm.

School – start at LUO on Aug 18th!  So excited!  Received all my books, wow!  There’s a lot!  A few for each class, and I’m taking 4.  Well, actually 5 classes, but one is a single credit – online literacy class.  So 4 ‘real’ classes that are 3 credit hours each.  (Free time?  Ha!  I used to think I had too much!  Now I won’t have any!)  The community college Oral Comm class is going well so far.  The teacher is pretty cool and the work hasn’t been too hard yet.  We have a persuasive speech due in a couple of weeks, which I’m a little nervous about, but not really.  Public speaking isn’t too scary to me, I’ve done a lot of it in church and on missions.

MS – I hate summer.  I don’t have any real symptoms or anything, just get a little more worn out if I’m hot for too long.   The weight loss and eating healthy are helping  a lot though.

B90 or Bible in 90 days – doing OK so far.  I’m about 3 days behind, but considering everything that’s going on, I think that’s pretty good!  Will finish Numbers today (yes, I totally made it through Leviticus!)  That means a lot of the ‘hard’ stuff is done, just got Deuteronomy to go, then not so much Law anymore, just stories.  They are a lot of more interesting to read.

So for my closing statement 😉  Things are crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

PS – the depression isn’t a problem right now 🙂  Big PRAISE GOD for that!

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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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