Mid-May 2019

I have to admit, there are times I consider stopping this blog. I haven’t been able to post very often and haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say for awhile. But, here I am. I really enjoy writing and sharing. I think I just haven’t made time for this with having been in school (like, for forever, right?!?). I am learning how to schedule life without homework. I’ve been out of school for a couple weeks now and really haven’t known what to do with myself. I’ve read for fun, a lot, and caught up on some Amazon Prime Video & Hulu, a lot. But, I know in this new season I need to do things that matter, so I think it’s time to start figuring some of that out.

I’ve applied at one of those companies that delivers groceries. Seems like a good idea, since I could make my own hours and stuff. I wanted to keep the 2nd job to the weekends, but if I have an empty evening I could pick up a couple hours (read: a little cash). Finished the application and online interview videos last night, so hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

I’ve started collecting empty moving boxes. I emailed my landlords to let them know I’ll need to downsize later this year. They have other properties in the same area, so since I’m a good tenant, they’ll let me know when something opens up. Really hoping it works out, because a new credit check and security deposit are not things that will be in my favor. They’ll let me transfer over when we get to that point. So, I could be moving in as little a month and a half, I guess. Better start packing!

I really can’t talk about too much else that’s going on right now, but some of it is pretty heavy stuff. In most of these circumstances, it’s not my business to talk about publicly. Just a lot of things going on with people in my life that, while not directly effecting my life right now, still causes ripple effects. Hard to explain, maybe I’ll be able write about it in the next few months though.

Published by tammyk777

I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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