End of 2022

[Insert obligatory “Can’t believe it’s the end of the year already!”]

My subscription to this site renewed recently. The thought of not renewing wasn’t really an option for me. I do enjoy this when I do stuff with it, plus it should serve as a catalyst for doing more photography. Should.

2022 was… 2022. Don’t really have a word for it, maybe productive? In January I started leading a support group with the MS Society; an art experiences one I’d been involved with for years. Late February/early March brought news of major changes at work and began a massive change in personnel. A lot of friends left. In March I had some MRI’s done (routine) and discovered there’s been no MS activity since 2016. Later in March I got a hummingbird tattoo and added to another. In April I got to reconnect with some missionary friends from Malawi, participate in Walk MS, and take a try at an adaptive bike. In May I went to Hamtramck, MI for a domestic mission trip and came home with COVID. In June I spent a couple of weeks in Steamboat Springs, CO for a much-needed vacation and celebrated my friends’ daughter’s HS graduation. In July an ultrasound of my abdomen revealed a fatty liver. August brought some time to reconnect with friends. September through November were quiet outside of a lot of meetings for work and my fatigue knocking me out frequently. I also had opportunities to connect with old friends in November. December has been busy with a lot of celebrating the season.

I haven’t talked about this next thing publicly, but it’s been a major event since April. As of this morning, I’ve lost 52.4 pounds in 8 months. I know I lost a bunch last year with the HCG thing, but I gained most of that back because it wasn’t sustainable. A friend recommended a weight management doctor who her daughter-in-law had worked with to lose 100+ over 5 years ago. I was skeptical but desperate. He’s the one who diagnosed the fatty liver too. He put me on a new diabetes med (same as Elon Musk) for a few months and in August I started Mounjaro. It’s like the first but does more. While not fully approved for obesity, it totally helps. The medical science behind it all is that my fat cells don’t work properly. This doctor refers to himself as my “fat doctor” like how my neurologist is my “brain/MS doctor.” It’s a function of the body that’s misunderstood. The groundbreaking statement in our first appointment was “this isn’t your fault.” I struggle with that! Being overweight is seen as a preventable problem that willpower should be able to fix. Sometimes it is, but not always. I’ve said before, very few systems in my body seem to work correctly, and not of my own doing. Anyway, the med has helped decrease my appetite, which my chiropractor pointed out that if my fat cells are functioning properly, so will my metabolism, etc. I’ll probably be on this med or something similar for the rest of my life. Again, disease not willpower.

I may also be a candidate for skin removal surgery later in 2023. Insurance might cover it because the loose skin is causing some irritation and stuff.

2023 will also, hopefully, be the year I’m finally able to skydive!!

I do know I need new clothes soon! Belts can only do so much and I’m feeling frumpy. My Venmo is TammyK777, I’m not opposed to donations! LOL! 😉

2022 also ended with a car accident on the 27th. I didn’t hit the brakes fast enough at a stop light in heavy traffic. Everyone’s ok, we both able to drive our cars after. Now I’m seeing my chiropractor to help heal and trying not to stress about the financial impact this will have on my already overburdened budget. At least we walked away, and the cars weren’t too bad, but still…

But let’s focus on the good of 2022: loss of weight (physically & emotionally) and the increase of precious memories with loved ones.

Well, here’s to a great 2023! God bless you!


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I want to be as open as possible, safely anyway. If I've been set free in something, maybe I can encourage someone else to seek God and they can be free too!

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