End of November 2016

I wrote a post the day before Thanksgiving, but it is actually already outdated! So I thought I’d start a new post. My grandma passed away a couple of weeks ago. She was 93, and ready. I know she’s with Jesus, so I rejoice in that, but will still miss her a lot. I hadn’tContinue reading “End of November 2016”

This is Amazing Grace

As I was driving to work this morning, I was ruminating on past mistakes. Never a good thing. I felt so much guilt and shame over choices I’ve made. Things I said I’d never do, yet went head strong into them. Things I had looked down on other people for doing. And suddenly my attentionContinue reading “This is Amazing Grace”

a night of firsts

Well, it finally happened… I called it in my last post (I gotta stop doing that) … we had our first tiff/disagreement/mini-fight. It’s not important what it was about for this blog purposes (obviously it was to us though).  But what’s amazing is how we handled it. We talked it all through and came toContinue reading “a night of firsts”