Mid December 2020

Hi! It’s getting towards the end of the year, so I thought I should check in! Exhausted is the general status. The sciatica pain is draining. I heard someone say recently that a 4 on the pain chart is not normal, 0 is. Lately it seems like 5-7 is my normal. Complaining about it doesn’tContinue reading “Mid December 2020”

Mid-April 2020, yes, I’m still here!

A lot can happen in 7 ½ months. And a lot has changed in 7 ½ months. Warning! This is quite long! Not going to lie, I considered closing this site. Or at least archiving it and never looking back. Instead I simply ignored it. I don’t even know if anyone will still read this,Continue reading “Mid-April 2020, yes, I’m still here!”

Late August 2019

It has been a crazy month+ since I posted last! I moved on August 10th. A little over a mile north of where I was, smaller place but also a smaller rent. It’s really not that much smaller though. It’s cute and I’m happy. Poor kitties didn’t enjoy moving day, they were hiding under bedContinue reading “Late August 2019”