Update: Still here!

From my photojournalism site: https://braggingonthelord.com/2021/12/21/update-still-here/

Mid-March 2021

There’s so little going on that I don’t always feel the need or desire to write. Which makes me sad, because when I’m writing I truly enjoy it. Anyway, there’s a few things that have happened so far this year to share. I got a promotion! I’m no longer in HR, which was a muchContinue reading “Mid-March 2021”

Mid December 2020

Hi! It’s getting towards the end of the year, so I thought I should check in! Exhausted is the general status. The sciatica pain is draining. I heard someone say recently that a 4 on the pain chart is not normal, 0 is. Lately it seems like 5-7 is my normal. Complaining about it doesn’tContinue reading “Mid December 2020”