Mid-January 2022

How is it the middle of January already?!? It is 8:30pm, I’m drinking coffee and baking. Does tell you my state of mind? It’s more like the state of my body, I guess. I’m grateful for the job I currently have on days like this! I don’t clock in and out but still am availableContinue reading “Mid-January 2022”

Late July 2021

It feels unreal, but I weigh less than my driver’s license says! Really battling the mental side of all this. I’ve lost almost 40 pounds in 6 weeks! While I’m super excited and impressed on one hand, the other hand is the emotional self-identity that doesn’t believe anything has changed. Or if it has, willContinue reading “Late July 2021”

Mid-May 2021

This meme came up in my FB memories yesterday. How little did we know last year what the world would look like today. Well, it’s always like that, but that’s a topic for another day. I have felt stuck and listless for months now. Last year I felt burnout which turned out to be compassionContinue reading “Mid-May 2021”